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Dance With Us

We dance for different reasons. We dance at varying abilities. And, of course, we dance with our very own style. A great ballroom studio and instructor can help you develop your style, improve your skills and encourage your love for the sport.


Whether you’re stepping out on a dance floor for the first time or have been dancing for years, we want you to have fun. We offer beginner dance lessons, competitive dance lessons, wedding dance classes, ballroom dance lessons, group and private classes. Have a particular style of dance you've always wanted to try? Learn to tango, swing, foxtrot, waltz, bachata, merengue, or cha cha.


Dancing with a partner? Fantastic! Choose between a group setting or private lesson. An experienced ballroom instructor will teach the two of you to work in tandem for an entertaining date night or in preparation for your big day. 


Dancing solo? Awesome! You'll have the opportunity to dance with multiple partners in a group class. Or maybe you prefer a private lesson with an award-winning dance instructor as your partner. Whatever your preference, we look forward to dancing with you! 

Bust a Move After You Walk Down the Aisle

Try one of our wedding dance lessons in Duluth, MN or Richmond Heights, MO


You've been looking forward to your wedding day since you were a child, so you want every detail to be perfect - including the first dance. If you want your wedding dance to dazzle your guests, sign up for wedding dance lessons at Simply Ballroom.


Our skilled instructors have been teaching residents in Duluth, MN and Richmond Heights, MO the art of dancing since 1990. We can't wait to work with you too!


To learn more about our individualized wedding dance lessons, get in touch with one of our teachers today. Your first introductory ballroom dance class will only cost $45. Plus, we offer special deals every month.

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