Competitive and Social Ballroom Instructor

Born into a family of award-winning dancers, David shared his family’s love of dance early on. At age 11, he began competing in national ballroom dance competitions, and by 13 he began assisting in teaching Latin dance classes for other children. It was here that he discovered his passion for teaching dance.  


With this dual passion for teaching and dancing, he quickly became a professional instructor and a pro competitor—a decision requiring hours of training with national and world champions. David and his professional dance partner were finalists in national competition in the American Smooth division and championship Rising Star events.


With nearly two decades of experience and skill in teaching, partnering and competing, David has helped his ballroom dance students win national championships and scholarship awards. Many have been recognized by the National Dance Council of America and the prestigious Dancers Cup Tour. In addition to his students’s success, David has earned numerous local, regional and national “Top Teacher” awards.


Along with competing, David performs and partners with local pro and amateur dancers in expositions and charity events such as Dancing with the St. Louis Stars, Dancing in the Loop, Forget-Me-Not Ball, and performances with the Glen Miller Orchestra.



Ballroom Dance Instructor

As an unique consciousness, Kristen is igniting passions and unlocking joys for many hearts across the St. Louis area through the accessible avenue of dance. With a Bachelor’s degree in music and a Master’s degree in special education, Kristen has explored the intricate dynamics of the relationship between the human being and the expressive art from of music. Having served as a special educator over the past decade for families within public school districts across Missouri and Colorado, Kristen now brings her genuine admiration for life’s beautiful connections and transformations through music to the dance floor. 

During her time as a special educator, Kristen managed self-contained, intensive-needs programs within the public school setting for students as young as kindergarten to as mature as seniors in high school. Delegating teams of paraprofessionals and collaborating constantly with service providers, administrators, and local community resources, Kristen created sustainable systems, materials and values for connecting with one's own thoughts, senses and emotions at each moment of the day. In 2017, her colleagues, alongside the families of her students, felt deep gratitude for the positive growths they had experienced and honored Kristen with the Edith Wolford's Teacher of Year.

Driven by a deep, eternal love of music and artistic expression, Kristen devotes her days to applying her skills through the physical movements of ballroom dance. Tinkering with elements found within both the martial arts and yoga practices, and combing them with the imagery and fundamentals of instrumental/vocal musicality, Kristen continues unearthing new ways for her students to achieve their personal dancing goals and their inner heart desires. Experienced in connecting with individuals across all age, ability and skill levels, Kristen adapts to the needs of her students in the moment, creating the perfect atmosphere to relax, enjoy and gain a deeper appreciation of oneself – as expressed through the art of dance.