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Instructor Highlight: David Scherer

Updated: Dec 3, 2018

Get to know ballroom instructor David Scherer, an award-winning professional dancer, decorated competition instructor, avid rock climber, Subaru lover, globe-trotter and outdoor enthusiast.

Professional Dancer

Recent wins include National Dance Cup Tour and Triple Crown circuits.

At age 11, I began competing in national ballroom dance competitions, and by 13 began assisting in teaching Latin dance classes for other children. Today, I am a professional instructor and a pro competitor. I enjoy helping my ballroom dance students perfect their style and skill in whether they are dancing for fun or looking to compete in local and national competitions.

Outdoor Enthusiast

Hike, climb, camp, repeat.

When I'm not teaching in the studio, I am hiking, camping or climbing up a rock wall. As an avid rock climber, I'm drawn to the rocky terrains across the United States. Some of those include: Colorado, Arizona, Illinois, Kentucky and Arkansas. I've also scaled a handful of craggy formations outside of the U.S., most recently in Mexico and Puerto Rico. When I can't get to any of those places, I simply head to the local gym with friends. Much like dancing, it's all about the footwork!

Globe Trotter

I learned that ringing a bell in a bar in Alaska means you are willing to purchase a round for everyone.

While the studio was under renovation this summer, I had the exciting opportunity to drive cross-country in my awesome Subaru with my amazing dog, Bear, to visit Alaska. The drive, the national parks and the expansive landscape were breathtaking. Later in 2018, a group from Convergence Dance & Body competed in Hawaii. After the dance competition, I, of course, also climbed some of the porous, volcanic rock of the Big Island. A few international destinations and the long road trip to the 49th state made for a well traveled year.


8044 Manchester Road

Brentwood, Missouri  63144